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Redo Antireflux Surgery

Dr. Parthasarathi R,...
21 Jan 15 Views
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GE Junction Tumors

Dr Chandramohan,
19 Jan 28 Views
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Laparoscopic Thoraco Esophagectomy

Dr. C.Palanivelu,Cha...
13 Nov 27 Views
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Pre-operative Evaluation Prior to Esophagectomy

Dr. Kiran Kothari,
06 Nov 6 Views
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Benign Conditions of Esophagus

Dr. Subramayeshwar R...
06 Nov 4 Views
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Laparoscopic Hellers Cardiomyotomy

Dr Inian Samarsam,Pr...
06 Nov 4 Views
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Controversies in Hellers Myotomy

Dr. Roy Patankar,
06 Nov 5 Views
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Hellers Myotomy in Achalasia

Prof. Vorwald Peter ...
06 Nov 6 Views
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GERD- Changing Scenario

Dr Inian Samarsam,Pr...
06 Nov 5 Views
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Live from GEM OT(30 March) Laparoscopic Redo Fundoplication

Dr. Parthasarathi R,...
27 Apr 30 Views
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Laparoscopic Single Incision Posterior Mesh Rectopexy

Dr. Parthasarathi R,...
18 Apr 106 Views
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Laparascopic Repair of Paracolostomy Hernia

Dr. Parthasarathi R,...
18 Apr 81 Views
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Lap Completion- Cholecystectomy and Choledochoduodenostomy in a Case of Situs Inversus Totalis

Dr. Parthasarathi R,...
18 Apr 105 Views
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Live from GEM OT ( 21 Feb 18) Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy 1

Dr. S.Rajapandian,Co...
04 Apr 80 Views
02:18:03Card image cap

Live from GEM OT ( 9 Feb 18) Laparoscopic IPOM Repair 1

Dr. Parthasarathi R,...
04 Apr 70 Views